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Information Storage and Retrieval Systems and Database Design and Management

According to Sir, IRS is a system that stores and retrieves information. I know we had a seatwork where we made a blog post about IRS and it was fun looking back on that day because our group had no idea what we were typing. We didn’t know what to put in functions, goals, types of retrieval, etc. so we simply just scoured the internet with whatever we can find but most of the time to no avail. It was hard searching for articles related to IRS that include its goals, functions, and vice versa. It’s like an Easter egg hunt except that it’s frustrating because you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. Anyway, good thing Sir discussed it in class so things were at least clarified. Turns out the types of retrieval we gave were wrong! They were kinds of IRS and not types. It was the other way around. Too bad but we couldn’t exactly tell the difference between the types and the kinds of retrieval that Sir was looking for. I still think Kinds and Types are the same thing. But at least, now I know.

As for Database Design and Management, usually when I hear the word “database”, MySQL comes to mind. I guess my exposure to web design has something to do with it since I use a script (it’s called Enthusiast) that involves MySQL usage. This script helps me in maintaining my fanlistings (small fan sites) where I approve members for each subject almost on a daily basis and their records are entered at once in the database. But then again, we all do encounter databases on a daily basis. When we search something online, we make use of databases. I’ve learned that databases are interconnected with IRS. I’ve also learned that multiple users can access a database at the same time making that information available to everyone at once. Also, what really got stuck in my head for this part was constructing those E-R diagrams because I find them fun. They’re like the flow charts we use to make in programming back in high school but somewhat less hassle. I don’t know but constructing flow charts back in high school was okay until the programs became more difficult to understand. Maybe the same thing will happen with these E-R diagrams but hopefully, not.

I’ve included in here some pictures. The first one is my Enthusiast panel. It’s the script I use for fanlistings and then the second picture shows my phpMyAdmin page. It’s the database called michi_enth. Sorry if I covered the Server and some stuff.

Screenshot of the Enthusiast script admin panel.

Screenshot of the Enthusiast script admin panel.

My phpMyAdmin. Shows the database called michi_enth.

Screenshot of my phpMyAdmin. Shows the database called michi_enth.

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  1. upsliscladmin
    August 19, 2009 at 3:24 pm

    nice post you have here michi!

    • Michi
      August 19, 2009 at 5:52 pm

      Thanks, Sir! Nilagay ko na lang po yung ginagamit kong script as example para may mailagay din naman po ako. šŸ˜€

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